The Lym Workbook is an effort to create a small lab environment for the students to learn various commands from book. We will slowly add more problems to it.

How to install the workbook?

You will need latest Vagrant for this. Install Vagrant following the steps from the website. We suggest you to use the libvirt provider along with it.

Then checkout latest workbook code from github.

git clone
cd lymworkbook
vagrant up
vagrant ssh workbook

The vagrant up command will create two vms.

copy paste

To setup the problem environment

sudo lymsetup copypaste

Create a directory called work in your home directory, and copy the file from /tmp/problem1/work/files/hello.txt into the newly created diretory. Remember to remove the /tmp/problem1/work/files/hello.txt file afterwards. Create a file called /tmp/chapter1/allusers and add all of the directory names under your home directory into that file.

To verify

sudo lymverify copypaste

Find your user id

To setup the problem environment

sudo lymsetup findid

Find your user id and write it down in a file /tmp/myuserid.txt.

To verify

sudo lymverify findid

Basic vim usage

To setup the problem environment

sudo lymsetup basicvim

Read the file at /etc/os-release and write the value of ID_LIKE (without the double quotes) in a file at /tmp/id_like.txt.

To verify

sudo lymverify basicvim

Adding a new user

To setup the problem environment

sudo lymsetup newuser

Add a new user called fatima to the system.

To verify

sudo lymverify newuser

Deleing an user

To setup the problem environment, remember to add the user first from the previous problem.

sudo lymsetup deleteuser

Remove the fatima user from the system

To verify

sudo lymverify deleteuser